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“THE RUM DIARY” My rating: C- (Opening wide on Oct. 28)

120 minutes | MPAA rating: R

“The Rum Diary” is such a drab affair it  bears mentioning only as an example of how great movies stars can squander their popularity.

“Rum” marks the second time actor Johnny Depp has played famed gonzo journalist Hunter M. Thompson (actually here he plays a Thompson-like character). One can only assume that Depp finds inspiration or at the very least an acting challenge in portraying the chemically-addled, terminally sardonic writer/wastrel.

His first outing as Thompson was 1998’s “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” a surreal pigout that was fairly faithful to the book but still unremarkable.

“Rum”  is based on Thompson’s autobiographical novel about his early career as a newspaperman in the Caribbean.

The trailers make it look like a laugh-heavy dip into debauchery beneath the palms — all drink, drugs and beautiful women.

In truth, this is a sour, joyless tale of idealism run aground. And that would be acceptable if the film were better made.


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137 minutes | PG-13

“On Stranger Tides,” the fourth entry in Disney’s phenomenally profitable “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, is at least an improvement over the last two sequels.

It’s still not a particularly good movie (though it remains hugely impressive from a technical standpoint) but at least it didn’t make me want to pound a handspike into my forehead.

“Pirates” 2 and 3 were runaround movies in which the principal players would first run over here, then run over there without a whole lot of reason. Basically director Gore Verbinski was mounting special effects extravaganzas in which plot and characters were a distant afterthought.

Now helmed by Rob Marshall (who followed up on his smash “Chicago” with the dismal “Memoirs of a Giesha” and “Nine” and badly needs a commercial hit), the franchise has jettisoned (more…)

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