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Every now and then one of the big exhibition chains decides it wants to get into the art film business.

The truth is that they really don’t want to — it’s way too much work for too little money — but they insist on doing so, anyway.

And usually botch the job.

In Kansas City it’s typical for an artsy title to debut at one of our long-established indy theaters — the Tivoli or one of the Fine Arts or Screenland outlets — and if it draws a huge crowd on opening weekend, then the big chains will take notice and demand a run on one of their screens for the second or third week.

Otherwise the exhibition gorillas really don’t have much use for cinema esoterica. They’re selling Big Macs, not handcrafted chocolates.

Still, they continue to make halfhearted stabs. Maybe they’re afraid of being thought of as mercenary cinema philistines and want to be able to say, “Look, we’re showing a classy movie here.”

Naaaaaaah. (more…)

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