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Bryn Vale, Taylor Schilling

“FAMILY” My rating: C 

85 minutes | MPAA rating: R

A misanthropic adult gets saddled with a troubled kid. Against all odds they teach each other to love.

That stock plot has been resurrected to no particular payoff with Laura Steinel’s “Family,” a film neither funny enough or empathetic enough to leave a lasting impression.

Kate (“Orange is the New Black’s” Taylor Schilling) is, to put it bluntly, a miserable excuse for a human being. She’s blunt to the point of cruelty, indifferent to others’ feelings, and fiercely competitive.  She lives for her job at a hedge fund and hasn’t had a true relationship with another person for years.

And then the kid-hating workaholic finds herself babysitting her niece Maddie (Bryn Vale), a moody, unhappy kid trying to cope with her outsider status.  Maddie’s parents leave Kate with instructions to not only care for their daughter for a couple of days, but to buy her a prom dress and see that she goes to the big dance.


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