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boulevarde9kosh1ojtg77“BOULEVARD”  My rating: B

88 minutes | MPAA rating: R

Even without the knowledge that it is Robin Williams’ last film, “Boulevard” would be a melancholy affair.

Williams plays Nolan Mack, a bank loan officer who for most of his 60 years has been ignoring the fact that he’s gay.

Nolan has been married for four decades to Joy (Kathy Baker). They’re friends, no longer lovers. Separate bedrooms. Pretty much separate lives. There’s love there, but no heat.

He’s the kind of buttoned-down guy who keeps his tie on after getting home from work.

Nolan only lets down his hair — and then only a bit — when hanging with his oldest and best friend, Winston (an excellent Bob Odenkirk), a sardonic college prof with a long history of affairs with his students. In Winston’s presence Nolan relaxes enough to let his sense of humor slip out.  Just a bit.

Nolan’s mother recently died and his father is slipping into dementia. After one grim night at the nursing home Noland cruises aimlessly through the city’s streets and comes across Leo (Roberto Aguire), a young hustler.

Nolan is smitten. He buys the young man small gifts. He presents him with a cell phone so they can always be in contact.



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