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Rami Maleck

“BUSTER’S MAL HEART”  My rating: B- (Opens May 12 at the Alamo Drafthouse)

96 minutes | No MPAA rating

Rami Maleck pretty much cornered the market on bizarre/brilliant manic depressives with his Emmy-winning performance on cable’s “Mr. Robot.”

“Buster’s Mal Heart,”  shot before “Robot” began production, allows the young actor to mine several alternate personalities. He’s good at all of them.

Written and directed by Sarah Adina Smith (“The Midnight Swim”),  “Buster’s Mal Heart” offers an out-of-chronology history of its title character.

When we first meet Buster he’s racing up a wooded mountainside, a posse of lawmen on his tail.

But we also see him with long hair and beard in a remote tourist cabin and in  a lifeboat afloat at sea.

Most of the screen time, though, is devoted to his life as a husband and father in the Pacific Northwest.

Clean-cut and polite, Buster seems disarmingly normal.  He’s kind and gentle with the wife (Kate Lynn Shiel) and appears to be a model employee of the semi-posh hotel where he’s the night desk clerk.  (more…)

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