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Chloe Grace Moretz


91 minutes | No MPAA rating

Fairness and honesty are virtues in everyday life.  Not necessarily in filmmaking.

With “The Miseducation of Cameron Post” director Desiree Akhavan adapts Emily Danforth’s novel about a teenage lesbian sent to a  religious-themed boarding school where she’s expected to redefine her sexual orientation.

With a cast headlined by the reliable Chloe Grace Moretz and Jennifer Ehle, the film promises a finely calibrated acting showcase. But something’s missing.

Given the subject matter, a director could take a couple of approaches. One could play it for satire, ridiculing religious bigots who believe you can pray the gay away. If humor seems too frivolous a way to approach such a serious subject, then there’s always the moral outrage route. Get angry.

“Miseducation…” finds a more balanced third way. The film attempts to honestly present the no-win situation in which these kids find themselves (they can only please God by hating themselves) without painting the staff and teachers as hateful bigots. It assumes that as wrong as their ideas may be, these educators/indoctrinators are coming from a place of genuine Christian concern.

Trouble is, such evenhandedness makes for anemic drama. With the exception of one hair-raising scene in which a male student (a terrific Owen Campbell) undergoes a total meltdown, the film is frustratingly low keyed.

Cameron (Moretz) is an orphan being raised by her aunt. She’s a typical adolescent rebel — marijuana and boredom and passive aggressiveness.


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