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“HAPPY” My rating: B- (Opens Sept. 16 at the Tivoli)

75 minutes | No MPAA rating  

Early in the documentary “Happy” we get a quote from Benjamin Franklin to the effect that while the Declaration of Independence guarantees our right to pursue happiness, actually catching happiness is up to us.

Roko Belic’s film examines human happiness, where it comes from, how people have gained and preserved it, the circumstances under which it seems to flourish.

Belic interviews scientists and psychologists and religious leaders who have specialized in the study of happiness, and their comments about the emotion’s source (nature vs. nurture, dopamine levels, etc.) are enlightening.

Far more effective though, are the man-in-the-street examples Belic has found all over the world, from a sixty-something South American surfer to Okinawan villagers who lead blissful lives well into their 100s. (more…)

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