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Linnea Saasen and Alex Holdridge


90 minutes | No MPAA rating

You’d think that a movie that was so overwhelmingly autobiographical would be more interesting.

Alas, “Meet Me in Montenegro” is a bit of a shrug.

It was written by,  directed by, and stars real-life couple Alex Holdridge and Linnea Saasen and gives us — in  fictionalized form — the story of their romance.

Holdridge, whose “In Search of a Midnight Kiss” was an Independent Spirit Award winner back in 2007, has been trying for years to make another feature, and he’s incorporated that struggle as part of  his character’s back story.

Anderson(Holdridge) is a once-promising indie filmmaker now wasting away while trying to sell his new sci-fi script to a big studio.  Nobody’s biting.

Also, he’s moping over the collapse three years ago of a big affair with Lina (Saasen), a Norwegian dancer he met in Berlin and with whom he spent six glorious weeks in Montenegro.  It ended when she vanished without a fare-thee-well. Anderson returned to the States an emotionally bruised loser.

Now he’s back in Berlin. Actor Jason Ritter (playing himself) has expressed an interest in the script and at his own expense Anderson has flown to Germany to take a meeting. Wouldn’t you know it? He runs into Lina, and after some tentative maneuvering they pick up where they left off. (more…)

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