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Noah Wiseman, Essie Davis

Noah Wiseman, Essie Davis

“THE BABADOOK”  My rating: B+ 

93 minutes | No MPAA rating

The Australian-made “The Babadook” so seamlessly merges the supernatural with the psychological that it’s impossible to say if what we see on the screen is really happening or if it’s unfolding in its tortured heroine’s head.

Either way, writer/director Jennifer Kent has given us an unnerving experience, marked by two superlative performances that grab us by the throat and won’t let go.

Amelia (Essie Davis) is a widow raising her seven-year-old son Sam (Noah Wiseman).  Like a lot of single moms, she’s struggling — financially, emotionally, sexually.

But Amelia has a special cross to bear, for Sam is, well, different. The kid is cute and bright and is working on a magic act.  But he’s also a handful, a tyke who so fears monsters under his bed that he has fashioned his own dart-shooting crossbow and a shoulder-mounted catapult to hold them at bay.

That’s only the beginning of Sam’s behavioral problems. He rarely sleeps through a night, usually waking Amelia to search his room for supernatural invaders (she is majorly sleep deprived). During waking hours Sam demands his mother’s undivided attention and he’ll throw a grand mal temper tantrum when he doesn’t get it.


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