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heart thumbnail_23253“HEART OF A DOG” My rating: B

75 minutes | No MPAA rating

Except in the form of an animated avatar, we never  see Laurie Anderson as she delivers the film-as-performance piece that is “Heart of a Dog.”

But this could be the work of no other artist. Anderson’s voice — soothing, calming, seemingly unemotional yet often tinged with deadpan irony — is instantly recognizable to her fans.

And through the visual collages she has created for this film, Anderson offers a total sensory experience, a melding of sight and sound that is hypnotic, captivating, and strangely moving.

The topic of “Dog…” is a biggie:  death.  Curiously,  Anderson doesn’t talk about the passing a year ago of her husband, rock icon Lou Reed (although one of his recordings is featured under the closing credits). Perhaps that’s for the best…the loss of Reed still may be too painful.

Rather, Anderson explores her heavy-duty topic mostly through her experiences with Lolabelle, the pet rat terrier that also died not long ago.

The film consists of brief essays, stories, anecdotes, musings.  For instance, there’s a yarn about how Lolabelle got a whiff of her own mortality when, on a walk along the Pacific coast, a couple of condors targeted her for dinner.



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