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So-You-Think-You-Can-Dance-Recap-Top-8-Ellen-DeGeneresI’m a huge fan of TV’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” which recently ended its current season.

Not the whole show, just the dancing. The dancing is so terrific that I find myself choking up two or three times in every broadcast because I’ve just seen something that so seamlessly blends movement, emotion and intellectual content that it’s like a crash course in esthetics.

It’s just so goddam…beautiful.

The Fox show itself gives me a bit of an ass pain.  I’m not terrifically interested in SYTYCD as an “American Idol”-type competition that begins with weeks of tryouts in cities across the country and starts properly with 20 elite dancers, two of whom (one man, one woman) are eliminated each week until we end up with a season champion.

I don’t like the voting process and never participate.

As with “Idol,” TV viewers cast their ballots by phone or text at the end of each episode. The following week the dancers receiving the least votes must perform a solo “dance for your life” routine before the judges. Each show ends with two of these kids going home.

I dislike the voting process because most Americans have the all  taste of a Busch Lite. They vote less for talent than for cuteness. They’re almost as bad as the studio audience, who are encouraged to cheer particularly spectacular steps and lifts as if they’d just seen a singularly violent hit during an NFL game.

Dance as spectator sport.


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