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Missy Peregryn, Jeff Roop...city slickers in the big woods

Missy Peregryn, Jeff Roop…city slickers in the big woods

BACKCOUNTRY  My rating: B-

92 minutes | No MPAA rating

If the movies have taught us anything it’s that bad things happen when city folk go stomping around in the woods.

In writer/director Adam MacDonald’s terse, borderline minimalist “Backcountry,” a couple of thirtysomething urban Canadians, Jenn and Alex (Missy Peregrym, Jeff Roop), leave the city for a wilderness park.  It’s the end of the season, the leaves are turning, and they have the place pretty much to themselves.

Alex came to this park often as a child, and now he wants to introduce Jenn to its wonders. Moreover, he plans to pop the big question in the warm glow of a campfire.

Naturally it goes very, very wrong.

First there’s the visit to their campsite by a vaguely sinister  local guide (Eric Balfour) that generates the expected two-men-one-woman tensions.  But this interloper is merely a red herring.  The real danger lies just over the hill, has four taloned paws and very sharp teeth.


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