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Matthew Vandyke and freedom fighting colleagues

Matthew Vandyke and freedom fighting colleagues

“POINT AND SHOOT” My rating: B

83 minutes | No MPAA rating

When we first see Matthew VanDyke, the subject of the riveting and perplexing documentary “Point and Shoot,” he’s dressed like a ninja and addressing his video camera as he describes where on his body he can hide knives.  The guy looks like a laid-back hippie, but he wants us to be aware that he knows his way around deadly weapons.

VanDyke is tall, thin, and good looking…but there’s a whiff of asshole-ism in the air.  What kind of dweeb makes videos of himself brandishing weapons?

Marshall Curry’s doc — a collaboration with VanDyke — immerses us in an impressive true-life story.  VanDyke grew up a loner in Baltimore, tormented by obsessive compulsive disorder (he’s always having to jump up to wash his hands and cannot abide being near sugar). He immersed himself in violent video games, make-your-own-adventure books and action movies. VanDyke  was one of those guys who took Schwarzenegger and Van Damme seriously.

A MENSA brainiac, he studied the Middle East at the University of Maryland, graduating summa cum laude, and went on to graduate work at Georgetown U.’s Walsh School of Foreign Service.


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