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"Winter in Wartime"

“WINTER IN WARTIME”    My rating: B

103 minutes | Rated R | Dutch with subtitles.  

A child’s simplified view of right and wrong is shattered in “Winter in Wartime,” a snowbound drama from the Netherlands.

Elsewhere in Europe WWII is still raging, but in the town where young Michiel (Martijn Lakemeier) lives the horrors are far away.

Still, Michiel hates the occupying Germans and is contemptuous of his father Johan (Raymond Thiry), the local mayor who spends much time trying to smooth over prickly relations between the Nazis and resentful residents. Johan wants only to ensure the survival of his people, but Michiel views him as a cowardly collaborator.

Far more worthy of emulation, he believes, is his Uncle Ben (more…)

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