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“1945” My rating: B

91 minutes | No MPAA rating

The two men who get off the train outside a rural Hungarian town hardly seem threatening.

The older fellow has the white beard and black hat and coat of a pious Jew.  His younger companion (his son?) is also clad in black.

With the help of a porter they unload two crates — they look like small caskets — off the baggage car and onto a horse-drawn cart for the silent hour-long walk to town.

Nothing particularly threatening or suspicious about the pair, yet their presence sets off moral convulsions throughout the community.

Nobody is more wary than the town clerk, Istvan (Peter Rudolf), a mover and shaker preparing for the wedding that day of his not-particularly-impressive only son to a local peasant girl. His joy over the festivities is short-lived.

What gives? (more…)

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