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“PROJECT NIM” My rating: B+ (Opening July 29 at the Glenwood Arts)

93 minutes | MPAA rating: PG-13

We humans are an arrogant lot. Exhibit A is James Marsh’s “Project Nim,” a devastating documentary about a monkey.

Not just any monkey, but a chimp named Nim who in the mid-70’s was the celebrated subject of an experiment  in primate intelligence and the eternal question of nature vs. nurture.

Shortly after his birth in an Oklahoma primate research facility, Nim was taken from his sedated mother and given to a wealthy New York family to raise as their own child.

The creator of this experiment, Columbia University psychologist Herbert Terrace, wanted to see if a chimpanzee reared as a human could learn to speak in sign language. How great would it be if an animal could tell us what it’s thinking and feeling?


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