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Chris Stamp, Kit Lambert

Chris Stamp, Kit Lambert

“LAMBERT & STAMP” My rating: B- 

117 minutes | MPAA rating: R

The new doc “Lambert & Stamp” makes the case that Chris Stamp and Kit Lambert were pivotal figures in post-war pop culture.

Never heard of them? Not surprising.  They weren’t performers. But as the managers of The Who these two Brits exerted a powerful influence on that band and triggered ripples that affected much more.

Stamp (who’s still with us) and Lambert (who died in 1981 in a downward drug spiral) were unlikely soulmates.

Stamp was a workingclass bloke who took a job as a stagehand for a ballet company because he’d been told (by his brother, actor Terence Stamp) that it would be a great way to meet women.

Lambert was the posh, Oxford-educated son of a famous classical musician. He could converse in several languages and was more or less openly gay at a time when homosexuality was a crime. (He bears more than a little resemblance to Brian Epstein, the wildly creative but doomed manager of  The Beatles.)

Both young men were obsessed with self expression and the films of Jean-Luc Godard. Both had worked a variety of jobs in the English film industry and were looking for subject matter they could tackle as their directing debuts.

They glommed onto Britain’s fashion-savvy and musically aware mod scene, and in particular a struggling rock quartet called the High Numbers (soon to be rechristened The Who).  Their idea was to manage the band — neither knew anything about the music business — and make a documentary about how they had molded the group into a pop phenomenon.

The movie never got made.  The Who, however, became one of the greatest bands in rock.


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