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Waldemar Torenstra and Anna Drijver in "Bride Flight"

“BRIDE FLIGHT” My rating: C+ (Opening Aug. 5 at the Glenwood at Red Bridge)

130 minutes | MPAA rating: R

The Kiwi entry “Bride Flight” is less an art film than a romance with grand ambitions.

Unspooling over four decades, this effort from director Ben Sombogaart and writer Marieke van der Pol follows three women and one man from the Netherlands who in the years after World War II attempt to rebuild their lives as emigres to New Zealand.

In a prologue we meet Frank (Rutger Hauer), operator of one of New Zealand’s most successful vineyards. The old fellow dies of a heart attack and word goes out for his loved ones to gather for a sendoff.


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Rutger Hauer goes postal in "Hobo with a Shotgun"

“HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN” (Available July 5)

Is it a good bad movie? A bad good movie?

“Hobo with a Shotgun” muddies the distinctions.

It’s based on a fan-created faux trailer that won Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse Trailer Contest, which means that from the outset this tale of a hobo (Rutger Hauer) who single-handedly cleans up a corrupt, crime-riddled city is packed with over-the-top violence and bad (deliberately so, one hopes) acting.

After all, the Grindhouse concept embraces the lurid tackiness (more…)

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