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Mackenzie Davis


86minutes | No MPAA rating

Its title suggests that “Izzy Gets the Fuck Across Town” will be a veritable cornucopia of attitude.

If only.

Having heard that Christian Papierniak’s feature debut was about a young woman desperately making her way across Los Angeles to a rendezvous with destiny, I anticipated something along the lines of Tom Tykwer’s “Run, Lola, Run” or perhaps Sean Baker’s “Tangerine.”

In the end, though, “Izzy…” lacks the manic energy or unrelenting forward momentum of those two minor classics.  In fact, it’s a bit of a drag.

Izzy (Mackenzie Davis) awakens in a stranger’s bed after what is presumed to be night of heavy action. She remembers nothing of how she got here. Her items of discarded clothing, when she collects them, consist of a short white dinner jacket (badly stained with red wine…or something worse), dress shirt, bowtie and black slacks.

Izzy apparently works for a catering service and had a very bad day.  Her new day isn’t much better.

She discovers on Instagram that her most recent boyfriend, Roger, is having a party that very night to announce his engagement to Izzy’s best friend, Whitney. Our girl sees her one chance at true love circling the crapper and decides to get across the city to stop the festivities before all is lost.

She returns to the home of her friends Casey (Meghan Lennox) and Tom (Sheldon Bailey), who have been allowing Izzy to crash on their couch.  Except that now they’re sick of her shenanigans and are kicking her out.


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